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This journal functions as an archive of links to Prussia/Romano (or Romano/Prussia) stories all over the Internet. Links to new stories will be added regularly, so the easiest way to stay updated is to friend this journal. However, keep in mind that only new stories and not updates are posted to this journal.

Note: this list won't feature stories that involve 2P versions of the characters. I have nothing against them, but since a lot of people have their own 2P headcanons and characters, they feel more like OCs than canon characters to me. Genderbent characters are okay even if they aren't official nyotalia because people usually attempt to follow canon characterization even if the characters are female.

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[Fanfic] Descending to the Fallen

Title: Descending to the Fallen
Author: kp1314
Rating: M
Summary: This is a angel PruMano (prussia romano) story. Romano a Descending angel, not yet Fallen, has been sent to earth to accomplish his mission and to become a pure angel. But when he makes his way down to the place he had once hated he comes across a certain Fallen angel. rated M for the vulgar mouth that Romano owns and some slight yaoi in later chapters.
Includes: mentions of rape

[Fanfic] One thing leads to another

Title: One thing leads to another
Author: hanzohetalia
Rating: T
Summary: (First story so sorry if its horrible) Everyone knows Lovino as that hot tempered Italian. They also know he despises almost everyone. Could someone find their way to his heart? (Really cheesy summary, but whatever) Pairing: PruMano /Rating for some language but will get worse the further you go