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Prumano fanfiction

Because beer and pizza are perfect together

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The icon we're using is by caroselloveneziano.

This journal functions as an archive of links to Prussia/Romano (or Romano/Prussia) stories all over the Internet. Links to new stories will be added regularly, so keep checking back! You can easily browse the archive for stories that meet your taste by using the tags.

A few things to note before you begin browsing:

1. This is not a reclist. I have simply included every single Prumano story I've come across, so I can't promise that they're all good. You'll just have to check out the ones that look interesting and hope for the best.

2. I'll do my best to warn for potentially triggery topics (mainly rape, suicide, cheating, violence, character death and abusive relationships). I follow the updates of most of the stories here and will keep changing the labels accordingly, but it's always possible that I've overlooked something. Please let me know if you notice that the labels for a story need to be updated.

I will not warn for language because it's to be expected with these two characters.

3. I always use the rating that the author provided, but it's not always accurate because people post porn to FF.Net and rate it as M even though it should be MA. So, be cautious when a fic has the M rating and some content labels. Since the majority of these stories are at FF.Net, I will be using their rating system. This is how it corresponds with the MPAA rating scheme: G = K, PG = K+, PG-13 = T, R = M, NC-17 = MA.

4. If you like any of the stories, please take a moment to leave the author a nice comment on the site where they posted the story. Don't comment on any of the posts here because the author won't see it.

If you have any feedback or want to submit a story that I've missed, you can do so at this contact post.

Special thanks to ausprus_kink who allowed me to use some of their ideas.

More Prumano!

If this archive isn't enough (and of course it's not because there can never be enough Prumano), check out these places:

The Bird and the Tomato is a Prumano archive on Facebook. Lots of fanart and Prumano fans from all over the world coming together.

Prumano club on Deviantart. Lots of awesome stuff here, take a look!